fall crafting and homemaking

wow, it has been a busy summer.  we are finally settling in to the school year and having a good time with the cooler weather.  i have had several people consistently remind me to update the blog.  we'll see if we can get regular about it again.

i have been canning and crafting and homemaking so much recently that i am just loving life!  let's see, most recently i canned about 30 quarts of peaches, 60 of applesauce, today i canned 20 pints of pork loin and 16 cups of strawberry jam!  yum, yum, yum!

even more fun has been the crafting.  cindy and i recently made some cute fall & halloween words.  i'm not going to show you how, i'm sure most have seen these and know how to do them.  but i just wanted to show some fun pictures of the process and the final product.

starting with paper mache letters

eli loves to help!
my cindy
adding paint

adding scrapbook paper
adding ribbon

my thanks
cindy's thanks
 i have love, love, loved this project and we have a few more up our sleeves.  well, hope you like the update...



Anonymous said...

love the update! love the words! i am inspired! xoxo...flex baby!

OUR CLAN said...

very fun!! I wish I lived closer so that I could come and have fun too!!