new tree

so this year our family joined the ranks of thousands.  it is a group we never thought we would join, one we never wanted to join, one we even scorned and sometimes thought less of (sorry guys)....we bought a fake christmas tree!  it is so beautiful though & i had to check several times at the store thinking it was real!  so, since you can't be here in person, i thought i would share some pictures with you.

giving thanks.


looking back

so, i recently found some older pictures and loved remembering my children being so young.  yesterday was fast and testimony at church.  ethan wanted to bear his testimony but was a little nervous.  he was going over what he wanted to say with me.  i teasingly told him that he could say that he loves his mom and she is the best mom in the whole world.  he diplomatically said, "yeah, i could say that, but you're probably not!"  i laughed as hard as i could while being in sacrament meeting.  it just cracked me up.  of course i'm probably not the best mom in the world, but when did this become common knowledge to my 8 year old?  luckily i still have my 5 year old who tells me often how great i am.  so while you enjoy these pictures take a moment to think back on how simple life can be when we believe someone who loves us is the best in the whole world.  love is a great thing!

ethan, age 3 (still thinking i am wonderful!)

benson, age 6 (climbing a tree was the most complex thing in life)

sister joanna

one of my favorite pictures with me and my boy! i'm still tops in his book

enjoying the glorious fall weather



these pictures speak for themselves...