new tree

so this year our family joined the ranks of thousands.  it is a group we never thought we would join, one we never wanted to join, one we even scorned and sometimes thought less of (sorry guys)....we bought a fake christmas tree!  it is so beautiful though & i had to check several times at the store thinking it was real!  so, since you can't be here in person, i thought i would share some pictures with you.


Glory said...

Wow, Loved your
Turkey with Turkey leg
pumpkin with gunshots
fancy, smancy letters
spooky costumes
best snow white friend
younger pictures
strawberry jam
cheerful happy comments

OUR CLAN said...

ah, its not so bad. Best thing about it is that you don't have to vacuum pine needles, worry about a fire, have unexpected creepy crawlies. Good things, set it up when you want, keeps for years, doesn't take up much space (the slim tree kind)no creepy crawlies, and you can get a candle for the smell!! Yea for artificial trees!